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On Security is Wellbeing, Differential Wellbeing for Different Persons and Making Security is Wellbeing National Security

Posted 16:02:2022

On Weekly Correspondence and Takes from the First Two Inaugural Classes of 2020/2021 Session

Posted 28:12:2021

The Importance of Contexts in Class Actions and Reactions within the Framework of “What is” and “What should be” SECURITY

Posted 27:08:2021

Patriotism, Expansionism, My Definition of Security and Engaging in STOC-ing Within “What is and What Should be” SECURITY

Posted 26:08:2021

                             SECURITY: what is and what should be

Posted 13:08:2021

                       Take on Sundry Issues from Last Week’s Class

Posted 12:08:2021

                                  The Purpose of Knowledge

Posted 11:08:2021

Raising Issues in Connection to the Programme “Security and Strategic Studies” and the Course “Seminar on National Security Policy”: Takes from the Last Class

Posted 19:07:2021

         In Order not to Get Confused in the Class

Posted 04:07:2021

Major General Muhammdu Buhari's Chatham House Gaffe

Posted 10:05:2021

Creating the Critical Mass for Tackling the Undefined, Uncharted and Ungoverned Space called “Security”

Posted 29:04:2021

The National Security Philosophy Explained

Posted 29:04:2021

Preamble to “A Reflection on “Security” in Nigeria from the Perspective of Peter Ekeh’s Two Publics Theory”

Posted 29:04:2021

On “Security” is “wide” and the State of the Class’s “end-state” from the Course: Issues from the Inaugural Class of Seminar on National Security Policy Saturday 24:08:19

Posted 25:08:19

Test/Continuous Assessment/Revision Class: The Aftermath

Posted 29:06:19

Taking on One Issue in the Context of Class Discourse: On “Resource Starved” Pakistan in the Security of the United States

Posted 23/05/19

Purging Self of False and Unrealistic Perspective of Security

Posted 23/05/19

On Alliance: Nigeria, Others and the French Intervention on Boko Haram

Posted 29/04/19

The Missing Issues on Security and Security Studies in Nigeria: Notes on Proposals/Seminar  for Defence

Posted 04/04/19

Retooling and Rearranging the Tool “Read, Observe and Think/Think, Observe and Read” (ROT/TOR) to “Study, Think, Observe and Compare” (STOC)

Posted 11/03/19

A Little New Light on the Dark and Darkening Matter Called Security in Nigeria: the Subject of “Security” in Electioneering Campaigns

Posted 18/01/19

The Twin Missions of Every MSc and PhD Student of Security Studies in His/Her Dissertation and Thesis

Posted 10/11/18

In Search of Platforms for the Governance of Security in Nigeria: Constitution, Act, Policy and Strategy

Posted 01/11/18

Unsolicited Thought on Security Studies, Strategic Studies and other Issues

Posted 25/08/18

Issues from the Topic Defence

Posted 24/08/18

The Law Enforcement/Defense Establishment and the Illusion of Being the Custodian of Security…(2)

Posted 31/07/18

The Law Enforcement/Defense Establishment and the Illusion of Being the Custodian of Security…

Posted 31/07/18

In Search of a Philosophy for Security and Strategic Studies Programme

Posted 06/03/18

Theory, Theoretical Framework and Topic Choice

Posted 24/02/18

Growing Security and Security Studies: Resource Person - reading/studying, observing and   thinking

Posted 24/02/18

Growing Security and Security Studies: Proposal and Seminar Defence

Posted 24/02/18

Growing Security and Security Studies: Resource Persons and the Pitfalls of Knowledge Acquired by Experience

Posted 24/02/18

Growing Security and Security Studies: Observable Facts

Posted 24/02/18

Bullet Before Bread Security

Posted 24/02/18

Introducing the Class

Posted 9/12/2017

Teaching Security

Posted 19/09/17