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Governance is the Enabler to Resisting the Seeming Resurgence of the Military in West Africa

Posted 16:02:2022

Re: “Between Growing SMEs and Our Collective Security”

Posted 07:01:2022

The Three Models of National Security to Respond to the SOLUTIONS ONLY Request of the Special House Committee on National Security

Posted 08:05:2021

Re: Commodore Kayode Olofinmoyin, Numerical Representation in the National Security Council (NSC) and the Lack of Peace in Nigeria

Posted 29:04:2021

Minister Lai Mohammed's Town Hall Meeting on “National Security”

Posted 27:04:2021

Resolving the “National Security”Question as Precondition for Tackling Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and Unleashing Growth in the Maritime Subsector of Nigeria’s Economy

Posted 20:09:2020

Growing the Legislature in the Governance of Nigeria

Posted 13:09:2020

Thinking Security Post Covid 19 Nigeria

Posted 15:08:2020

Accumulating Real Time Data on “Follow the Money” Security Theory

Posted 22:07:2020

Commonsensical Perspectives of Security

Posted 07:04:2020

Understanding Peace and Security as Critical Factors in National Development

Posted 11:12:19

Letter to Governors Simon Lalong, Samuel Ortom, Yahaya Bello and Abdullahi Sule

Posted 26:06:19

Nigeria’s Failed and Failing “Security” Practice: Time for New Thinking

Posted 29:05:19

Security should be a Portfolio for Nigeria

Posted 22/04/19

Asking Questions of “SECURITY” in Nigeria

Posted 04/04/19

Presenting Models of Security Constructed Off Some Countries’ History, Experience and Reality (HER)

Posted 18/02/19

A Little New Light on the Dark and Darkening Matter Called Security in Nigeria: On Election Security

Posted 18/01/19

The Acronym MILE or AFILE in the Discourse of Security in Nigeria

Posted 24/12/18

Muhammadu Buhari: Change’s Lone Wolf?

Posted 10/11/18

Realignment Post Mr. Lawal Daura’s Phase of the Factionalised State in Nigeria

Posted 01/11/18

Mapping a Dismembered Nigeria

Posted 06/10/18

The Trump Administration’s Politics of Security Clearance and Nigeria’s “Security” Practice

Posted 24/08/18

Self Evaluation, Productivity and Integrity in Security Leadership in Nigeria

Posted 13/08/18

Defining Security and Charting Security Routes for Nigeria

Posted 05/08/18

My Take on Dr. Uche Uwaleke’s Submissions in the Interview with Radio Nigeria…

Posted 27/12/17

Governance, Security and Development in Nigeria

Posted 09/12/2017

Pursuing my Interests

Posted 19/09/17