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Security is NOT the One-Size-Fit-All Model


SECURITY and Dr Kayode Fayemi’s Faux Pas on State Police


Challenges of Fire and Rescue Service in Nigeria and the Way Forward

Posted 04:07:2021

Deconstructing and Reconstructing Section 14 subsection 2b of the 1999 Constitution

Posted 26:05:2021

The Making of another Fruitless Search in the Special Committee on National Security Call for Memoranda

Posted 10:05:2021

Where is the National Security Strategy (NSS) in the Special House Committee on National Security's Call for Memoranda?   

Posted 08:05:2021

Is Political Violence and Thuggery and Security and Peace the Siamese Twins of Nigeria’s Democracy?

Posted 27:04:2021

The Call by Legislature for the Executive to Declare State of Emergency on "Security" is Tantamount to Abdicating Its Responsibility

Posted 27:04:2021

Remembering President Muhammadu Buhari’s Address at the Nigerian Bar Association 2018 Conference that the “Rule of Law Must Bow before National Security”: Issues Arising

Posted 24:08:2020

“Security” and Senator Emmanuel Yisa Oker-Jev’s Interview: Issues Arising for the Legislators and Legislatures

Posted 15:08:2020

The Fifteen (15) References to “Security” in the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria

Posted 22:07:2020

Scrap the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) Now

Posted 10:07:2020

The Covid 19 Management and the “Follow the Money Theory of Security”

Posted 26:06:2020

In Search of “Security”in Nigeria? Follow the Money

Posted 07:04:2020

SECURITY: Three Perspectives from the Four Fundamental Questions Framework (4FQs)

Posted 08:01:2020

Security: Nigeria’s Permanent Political Economy?

Posted 25:12:19

Security: A Scramble For Nigeria?

Posted 16:12:19

Distinguishing what is the Executive’s “National Security” for Nigeria and what should be the Legislature’s “Security” for most Nigerians

Posted 15:08:19

Security is Amorphous in the Constitution

Posted 27:06:19

…There are No Security Issues in Nigeria…

Posted 23/05/19

Security is a Portfolio for  the United States and Europe

Posted 22/04/19

Asking Questions of “Security” in Nigeria: The United States Version

Posted 04/04/19

A Little New Light on the Dark and Darkening Matter Called Security in Nigeria: a Perspective on the Founding of the United State of America’s Security and Lessons for Nigeria

Posted 25/01/19

A Little New Light on the Dark and Darkening Matter Called Security in Nigeria

Posted 18:01:19

Governing the Security Space in Nigeria: Providing Security Legislation

Posted 24/12/18

Security is the “Known Unknown” in Nigeria

Posted 13/11/18

Security is the “Known Unknown” in Nigeria (2)

Posted 12/11/18

In Name of SECURITY? The DSS in the National Assembly

Posted 09/08/18

Security - Their Security: And the Killing Goes On

Posted 31/07/18

Pending Issues for the House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee…

Posted 23/05/18

Governing the Security Space in Nigeria: Providing Security Strategy

Posted 25/04/18

Governing the Security Space in Nigeria: Providing Security Policy

Posted 22/04/18

Nigeria’s Ungoverned Security Space

Posted 20/04/18

Security Policy: the Missing Link in the Sudden Awakening and Growing Interventions

Posted 06/03/18

The 1999 Constitution, the Political Class and Resolving Security by “WE THE PEOPLE”

Posted 14/02/18

Discerning Security Policy in Trump’s America First Security Strategy …

Posted 27/12/17

The “SECURITY” in President Muhammadu Buhari’s Triple Campaign Promises

Posted 19/09/17

A General and Not a President's Address

Posted 19/09/17

A Security Theory based on Nigeria’s History, Experience and Reality (HER)

Posted 21/06/17

Towards an Explanation of the Origin of ‘National Security’

Posted 21/06/17

Perspective of Security of Most Nigerians

Posted 21/06/17

Security Perspective from the Intellectual Angle

Posted 24/05/17

Security Perspective from the Angle of the Political Class

Posted 05/05/17

Security Perspective from the Military Angle

Posted 25/4/2017

What is Security in Nigeria?

Posted 2/4/2017

Beginning the Security Conversation in Nigeria

Posted 26/03/17